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When you invest in something important to you,
. These MEMORIES are definitely PRICELESS that you want to immortalise for a LIFETIME



Wedding photographer and videographer in Barcelona and Europe | Engagement shoot in Blanes, Spain

Prior to the wedding date, this is a chance to try a new experience together by being in front of the camera. Treat it as if we were documenting your first romantic date, or maybe a casual day at the park, or just you in your element with cup of coffee, or tea.


It is a great opportunity to get warm with each other, and also serves as a lovely announcement to send out to your love ones.



Many things happen throughout a day, specially on your wedding. There are things that you might have missed out or want to remember for a lifetime.


With this service, you will savour and grasp all the highlights during the celebration. The laughters, the tears, the silence and crazy moments.

Through our film service, a 4-7 minutes video compilation of all the love and happiness shared on that day. It might seem short but we assure that it’s well enough.

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