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Best locations in Barcelona for a couple engagement photoshoot

You have decided to take your engagement photo or to propose in Barcelona but you are not sure where to do it. Good thing that you have stumbled upon a local photographer and videographer who can help you with it, and knows other secret spots.

Meanwhile, here are some of the best locations you can find:

1. Cathedral de Barcelona

Probably one of our favourite spots because you can also take advantage of the gothic quarter just by walking few steps. It will feel like you had several shooting locations in just one.

Also, the romantic church just add the cherry on the cake.

2. Barceloneta beach

We just love how Barcelona can offer different views: city, mountain and the beach.

This is our go-to-spot for beach lovers like us.

Water activities can also be fun to add in your shoot like paddle or kayaking.

4. Sagrada Familia

One of the main tourist attraction in the city so best to go there early to avoid the crowd. The parks surrounding it are our best spots to take the photos so you can see the whole church.

When is the best time to have your photoshoot:

  • During summer: Better to do it during sunrise or early in the morning before the flock of tourist arrive.

  • During winter: To be honest, anytime, because the winter light is usually good all day long. But if you can do sunrise to avoid the crowd, or sunset to have that golden hour light.

How to book our photo and/or video session:

  • Just hit our inbox with your target date, inspiration shoots, and we will guide you all the way.

You can also book a walking photoshoot or video shoot with us so around the city center so you will have a grasp of the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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