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Sunrise couple shoot in Barceloneta

Booking a sunrise session during the summer is the best and here are some reason why you should do it too.

  • Golden hour light: Photographers love this light since it is soft, warm and diffused. It even creates a magical and romantic glow feeling to it.

  • Less crowd: While most of the people are still sleeping, you can to experience a unique moment in which you'll definitely feel more comfortable playing around. It also gives a sense of exclusivity of the place just for the two of you.

  • Relaxed and serene: It is the most quite and peaceful time of the day. And we believe that having this activity with your partner is a great way to start you day.

  • More flexibility: If you want to capture different activities we will still have enough time throughout the day.

Sunrise also presents a new beginnings and fresh starts. By starting your day together as a couple with a sunrise session, it can symbolise the start of your wonderful journey together.


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