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Wedding photographer and videographer in Barcelona and Europe | Wedding photographer and videographer in Barcelona and Europe | Wedding guests photo



How would you describe your style?

Let's pretend we are mirrors, we reflect the raw and natural emotions, heartfelt. We do love candid shots and we know how to balance it with posed portraits specially for the family/relative ones. We are fans of touching speeches, stories and vows that just makes your eye teary. We like keeping things simple, serene and fun. We tend to keep the environment or the vibe that was felt during the day. That is why we also make sure that we choose the right music track for every scene.

What's the process of booking with you?

Once you see a spark in our portfolio and you think that we are the right fit; we will respond to your message as soon as we can. We will set up a meeting or a call to get to know each other and eventually tackle further details such as the event date and location, what things are important to you that you don't want us to miss out, etc. Once you reserve your date, we will send you a contract and request a 25% deposit. Lastly, prior to the big day, we will send you some guidelines and reminders so you can be fully ready and prepared. Ready? We're really excited to meet you!!!

Can we also book you for other kind of events?

Of course! We are also prepared for that. We have previous experience in birthdays, religious event such as baptism and communion, and even corporate events as well! We've got you covered.

This is my first time to be in front of the camera.

It may sound silly but usually it's just the familiar poses that you already do. The way you look at her in that beautiful dress. The way he surprisingly hugs you from the back. Loud laughters or just the simple touching of hands that reminds you of home. A reassuring kiss on the forehead. These simple actions that transmits your love language with each other. But this time, we will act as mirrors, capturing those moments and expressions through our lenses. Don't you worry! We will guide you all the way! We're always here to help.

How do you shoot when we book photo & video service together?

When you book both our services, we do it at the same time. While you pose for the videographer, you are also posing for the photographer, and the same thing around. You'll feel like kids in this massive and cool playground; playing, laughing and having lots of fun!

What is the turnaround time?

We believe that everything good takes time, because when we rush things up, it might not turn out the way we want it to be. In our experience, for photos we deliver within a month. Meanwhile, for videos it will take a little bit more around 2-4 months. We believe that creatives need an inspiration or a muse to create magical things, and unfortunately, we cannot order it 24/7. If you're looking for a quick and rapid turnaround, unfortunately, we might not be the best option you. PS: Please see turnaround time on the service you want to book :)

Where are you located?

We are from the Philippines living in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. We can travel across the world for you!

How can we receive and view your output?

Once the editing process is complete, we'll send you an email containing a link to an online gallery secured with a password. You'll have access to download your photos and/or videos for up to a year, making it convenient to share with your loved ones.

What if we need to cancel/reschedule out shoot?

Should you need to reschedule, as long as we're available for the new date, there's no need for an additional deposit. However, if cancellation is necessary, the deposit is non-refundable.

Is it possible to ask for a certain editing style?

Every creative has their artistic approach and we do appreciate clients who value our editing style. If you feel like our craft is not something you're looking for, we might not be the right fit. Don't forget to check out portfolio, just in case you might need to rethink it.

Who picks the music?

Every music sets you in a different mood, that's why we do it carefully during the editing process. It usually requires a lot of time to find the best track for every specific moment to make it extra special, so we would love you to put your trust in us. However, if there's something you've been dreaming about since day one, we're here to listen. ;)

We have a long list of guests, will you be able to capture it just the two of you?

Don't worry! We have a team that can support us every time we need them. We can talk furthermore about this during our call.

What is your editing style?

We lean towards bright and natural edits with subtle color adjustments, aiming to maintain authenticity. We refrain from altering body features, but we're happy to address any noticeable stains or temporary blemishes, like a passing pimple, if needed.

What if we don't want you to publish any of our photos and/or videos?

We won't pressure you to do something you are not comfortable with and we highly respect your privacy. However, having it in social media platform usually eases your guests to also see your photo and video. It would also help us a lot to capture more couples who we can share our talent too since we put our 100% effort and passion for it. So in case you've made up your mind to keep them private, the total package price increases by 20%.

What if we pick a different photographer/videographer on the same event?

As long as we want to do things together for better coordination, there are things we fully understand, and we are very professional about it. We've experienced working with other suppliers before so you should not worry about it as well! We're here to make you happy and relax.

Who does the photo selection?

After capturing numerous shots throughout the day, we meticulously curate the selection for delivery to our couples, both for teasers and full galleries.

Can we see and receive the raw/original files?

Unfortunately, we do not provide raw files. We believe in delivering the final, polished product to ensure the best representation of our work.

Do you feel the spark between us? Maybe we are also destined with each other...


We would love to hear your story too!  And eventually capture your important day.

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