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Collecting beautiful moments and emotions together.

As a couple, we love to document special moments throughout our lives. Eventually, it becomes our treasure which we can always keep and look back to.


We always look forward on travelling, discovering new places and trying new things out, specially food.

You're in a good hands, we are profoundly committed to each other the same way as we do with our craft. We treat it as our baby, and we definitely want to put our very best.


And if you like there's already a spark between us, we would love to invite you to see our work of art for deeper connection. And hopefully, we get to hear and tell your story too!


Main photographer, but can do video as well.

Growing up, I always had my Dad carrying a camera and taking pictures everywhere during a special event for his keeps. It must be tiring, I thought back then. But as years went by, surprisingly, I ended up doing the same thing but this time for our clients to keep for a lifetime.


In the beginning of my career, I wasn't really sure of what kind of path to take so I had been taking photos of babies, religious ceremonies, birthday parties, market products, weddings, etc. All these previous experiences mould me to be prepared and ready for this exact moment.

I must say that it took me years to realise that my aisle was to a wedding. That my passion is portraying love and emotions, and the ability to create images that talks to and through you. 

And to be honest, my main goal here is that at the end of the day, I want you to look at through the images, and draw that genuine smile with a dash of tears in your eyes.

Emotions are meant to be felt. And that's what we want to send out.



Main videographer, but can do photo as well.

With 5 years of experience as a journalist,  I've honed my skills as a storyteller. My expertise lies in highlighting even the smallest details, ensuring that I narrate the story flawlessly without missing a single important frame.


Establishing a deep connection with the main characters is of utmost importance to me, allowing me to document their story with the utmost care.

I love capturing different emotions- – from the unique and unfiltered feelings to the laughter, the moments of wild enthusiasm, and even the tears. Each emotion holds significant meaning, especially to you. 

Above all, the primary focus is on you. Simply be your authentic self, and let the magic unfold naturally. 

We love hearing your stories and creating a deeper connection. We love reflecting your history in photos & film. Portraying something that both of you can relate to and admire about.

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