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So this is love.



Wedding Photographer and Videographer in Barcelona

Hello there! We are Jessica and Denish, a wedding photographer and videographer in Barcelona, and a husband and wife since 2018. We are both from the Philippines embracing the Mediterranean good life, rich culture, perfect weather, and delicious food in Barcelona, Spain.


Little did we know we would end up doing wedding photo and videos for couples in Barcelona, and ever since we had our very first client couple, we were eager to meet more lovely couples just like you.

It's a wonderful thing to be in love with each other
and with the craft that we both create at the same time.



Our wedding photos are so stunning. You took the most gorgeous pictures we could dreamed of! Everything about our wedding film was on point. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and we loved every second of it.

Axl Cezar & Karen

Do you feel the spark between us? Maybe we are also destined with each other...


We would love to hear your story too!  And eventually capture your important day.

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